First quarter of 2017

Strong start to the year for Bayer

  • Group sales increase to €13.2 billion (Fx & portfolio adj.: +9.4%)
  • EBITDA before special items raised to €3.9 billion (+14.9%)
  • Growth momentum across all segments
  • Very good business development at Pharmaceuticals
  • Significant increase in sales and earnings at Covestro
  • Net income €2.1 billion (+37.9%)
  • Core earnings per share €2.62 (+11.5%)
  • Group outlook for 2017 raised, driven by Covestro performance

Economic situation of the Bayer Group

The Bayer Group got off to a very successful start to 2017. In the first quarter, sales increased by 9.4% on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis (Fx & portfolio adj.) to €13.2 billion and EBITDA before special items by a substantial 14.9% to €3.9 billion. At Pharmaceuticals, we once again benefited from the very good performance of our key growth products. Consumer Health, Crop Science and Animal Health also registered increases in sales and EBITDA before special items. Covestro posted substantial growth in sales and earnings.